About Us

Win San Hardware Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in May year 2002. Our Director, Mr. Loh Choon Kok is the sole proprietor in the previous company formerly known as " Win San Hardware Trading " since year 1995. 
Win San Hardware Sdn. Bhd main objective is distribution of " Chipboard Screws, Drywall Screws , Hanger Bolt and all other furniture hardwares.


Our company also specialised in supplying all stamping, injection moulding and die casting parts for furnitures e.g. Swivel Plate, Metal Brackets, Furniture Castor and Heavy Duty Castor, Plastic Handle,Adjustable Leg, Die Casting Handle, Bolts / Nut and other requirement based Upon Special Request. 


Win San Hardware Sdn. Bhd. have been marketing the above products through Furniture Manufacturers to overseas market of countries like United States Of America,Europe, Japan, Australia and other Continents. 


Our Company is now situated in Selangor, Malaysia ( Nearby to Port Klang ) at our own warehouse of Approx. 45,000 sq.ft. to provide efficient services for our clients all over the world.


Nylon Caster Wheel 40P (38 x 38) Silver

Nylon Caster Wheel 40P (38 x 38)-Silver 


Metal L Bracket 38 x 18 x 1.6

Metal Bracket Joint At Corner. 


Swivel Plate

Revolving Plate is use for Barstool. 


Plate Nut

metal plate nut thread:(5/16 or M8.) plate diameter 37 mm x thickness:2.8 mm. 


Furniture Caster

Caster Wheel 40F 6.4 mm x 22 mm L Pin C.w Plastic Socket. It is use at offices furniture.


Adjuster Desk Leg Electric

Hight quality Electric Desk Leg (Electric); Can Fit Table Top 1200 mm & 1500 mm L.


Adjuster Desk Leg Hand Movement

Desk Leg (Hand Movement) Can Fit Table Top from 1200 mm L & 1500 mm L.


Adjuster TV Bracket Electric

High Quality TV Bracket-Electric


Adjuster Desk Leg Electric

High Quality Adjuster Desk Leg.


Adjuster Desk Leg Hand Movement

High Quality Adjuster Desk Leg (Hand Movement).


Adjuster Desk Leg Electric-Running Machine

Adjuster Leg Use At Running Machine


Adjuster TV Bracket Electric

Adjuster TV Bracket Fit At Bed


Adjuster Desk Leg Electric

Adjuster Desk Leg Match With Normal Table


Adjuster Desk Leg Electric

Adjuster Desk Leg Use On Offices Table.


Adjuster Desk Leg Hand Movement

Adjuster Desk Leg (Hand Movement) Can Fit Table Top on 1200 mm L & 1500 mm L.


• Allen Keys • Bracket • Caster and Base • Clamp • Graphic Injection • Handle • Hinges • KD Accessories • Metal Stamping • Nut • Packing • Sanding • Screw • Slide • Swivel Plate

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